Goat Rampage Free

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Turn into a goat and go crazy


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Goat Rampage Free is a third-person sandbox game where players control a goat with the sole aim of pulling all sorts of crazy antics in a small town full of things to smash.

Controls for the goat are really quite intuitive: with the left virtual joystick you control its movements, while with the right you can jump and or put your goat in ragdoll mode. You can still control your goat when it’s in this mode, making it smash into anything it finds in its path.

Every time you ram into something or someone you get points. Thus, if you ram into a person you get more points than when you ram into a barrel... but less than if you crash into a helicopter.

Gameplay on Goat Rampage Free is very simple and really doesn’t pose much of a mystery, but it can be quite fun in small doses. It's not, however, as fun nor does it have as many options as Goat Simulator, the game on which it is openly inspired.
By Stanislav Sousek

Requires Android 2.3.3 or above.